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Leverage the power of
Member Experience Polling
for your club!

is the first and only Member Experience Polling System™ that collects, distills, and measures Member Experience directly from your members.

How ClubIQ® Works

ClubIQ’s simple, fully-automated, “set-it-and-forget-it” system sends a quick SurveyPoll™ to just a handful of unique members each day, until your entire membership receives it over a set period of time.

Unlike traditional annual longform surveys that merely provide a snapshot of a brief moment in time, ClubIQ’s innovative “drip-send” polling process gives you daily insight that empowers proactive actions, and then longer-term results that better represent your entire year or season.

Specifically designed for private clubs
Minimizes member “survey fatigue”
Ongoing, daily data collection throughout the year about only recent member experiences
Quickly identifies problem areas for your proactive attention
Quick and easy to get started!
Fully-Automated. Set it and forget it!
“I have been a long-time user of the ClubIQ survey platform and found it to be one of the most useful Member feedback tools I have ever utilized, and far more useful than more traditional methods. The data provides not only a current condition but future trends and allows us to get in front of any issues before they become significant. The ability for respondents to provide written commentary provides the context to support the empirical data. This has been widely supported by our Members and we use the individual amenity satisfaction scores as part of our senior manager bonus programs.”
Joe Basso, Naples Lakes
“Data driven decisions are really the way to go, CLUB IQ provides the current data needed to address issues that arise in any given department and also provides information to share with your department managers in real time and your Board if needed. Great tool to measure member satisfaction and forum for the members to provide feedback. Love it!”
Greg Gonsalves, Round Hill Country Club
“Orinda Country Club has used the feedback from ClubIQ to make real time adjustments in member service by providing objective data for evaluating opportunities. It has proved it’s usefulness as a resource.”
Brian Thomas, CCM, USPTA, PTR, MRT, TPI, General Manager, Orinda Country Club
“The ClubIQ survey platform is a wonderful tangible benefit of Board Room Magazine’s Distinguished Club program. Each morning I receive survey results from the previous day. Approximately seven members are randomly sent the survey daily which equates to twice per year per member. I get numeric data on our Net Promoter Score and Member Experience Index along with satisfaction scores from across all operating departments. Members also can provide anonymous comments within the platform. ClubIQ is a great tool to keep my finger on the pulse of the club in terms of member satisfaction.”
Richard W. Naumann, CCM, CCE, General Manager / COO, The Club at Nevillewood
“ClubIQ has significantly transformed the way we gauge and monitor member satisfaction at Belfair. Thanks to the dynamic survey feature, we now possess a more comprehensive insight into the membership experience, highlighting both our strengths and areas requiring attention. The segmentation features enable us to delve into specific categories such as years of membership or age demographics, providing a genuine understanding of the member experience we deliver.”
Ken Kosak, General Manager / COO, Belfair
“We’ve been using ClubIQ for just about five years now, and it has been great for us. We present the numbers to our members at our Annual Meeting and use the reporting data to set departmental goals. Because it’s a “polling” system, a few unique members are sent our “SurveyPoll” each day, so responses come in every day, yet no single member receives more than one SurveyPoll a year. Plus, if the members have not used a particular area of the club, they can choose to skip that set of questions, saving valuable time. Every morning, I’m greeted with my Daily Intelligence Report email with top-level metrics, including our club’s current Net Promoter Score, Member Experience Index for each club department, and all the member comments. This daily feed of member sentiment really helps us stay ahead of issues. Every club should be using ClubIQ!”
Charlie R. Wirtz, Director of Membership & Marketing, Rolling Hills Country Club

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